Corporate Rebrand

Rebrand for a shopping marketing company serving the OTC and retail grocery space. The stakeholders wanted a more upscale, youthful look than their previous brand, and deliverables included a reimagining of the sales story, around which all visuals were built.  

Trade Show Theme

Branding for a national sales conference. This involved concepting and creation of all signage and printed materials, as well as design of main stage graphics for opening and closing ceremonies and events.

Direct Mail Prospecting Campaign

This piece went to prospects that had declined previous requests for a meeting. It communicates that Valpak’s selective targeting capabilities have a higher ROI than bulk mail. The box was designed in Photoshop and InDesign. It includes a real fly fishing lure glued to the inside of the box. A tab on the inside of the box lifts to insert a letter from the sales representative. …

Website Design

This site was created as part of a partnership with the Consumer Healthcare Products Association. My work included the overall concept, UX design of the site, and voiceover work on the video.